Ten Questions and Answers Courtesy Dry Cleaners Wants You To Know

Question?  Your Dry Cleaner: What is their loss or damage policy?  Will they replace or give you the depreciated value for your garment?  Do they follow the guidelines provided by the International Fabricare’s Institute’s Fair Claims Guide? 

Always choose a cleaner with a great replacement policy.

Question?  Do they make their prices clear?  Do they try the old “bait and switch” trick, and if so, what does this say about the integrity of the cleaner? 

Make sure you ask how much you’ll be charged upon picking up your item.

Question?  How long have they been in business under their current name? 

Be wary of a cleaner that has changed ownership and names every few years.  In case you have an issue with the cleaner, and you take them to court and win, collecting on a judgment is notoriously difficult because unless they voluntarily pay up, you need to force a withdrawal.

Question?  What level of training does the staff have? 

If you hand the counter person a silk shirt and ask for it to be laundered, you want that person to suggest that the shirt be carefully cleaned instead, as laundering might be too harsh a treatment with a silk shirt.

Question?  Do they try and educate you about care labels and how to read them? 

These care instruction tags are put on all garments except suede and leather, hats, socks, gloves draperies, linens and upholstered furniture.  When you bring your clothing to the dry cleaner the counter person will be glad to look over the care label and suggest that it either be laundered or dry cleaned.  Care labels are a responsibility of the manufactuer who is required to provide at least one method of care, which is to be legible and on the garment for the life of the garment. The label should also warn you when a garment cannot be dry cleaned.

A dry cleaner should be able to tell you if those old wive’s tales are true.  Like spraying hairspray on an ink stain on your shirt.  Or putting club soda on a stain to keep it from setting.  You can call Courtesy, Value or Oasis cleaners to get some expert advice before you try to treat the stain yourself.  You might possibly ruin the clothing completely.  

Question?  Can the dry cleaner provide quality preservation service for your wedding gown? Does the cleaner do the work themselves?

If so, that’s a good sign.  If they send it out to a wholesaler, don’t use that cleaner.  The gown should be treated with virgin solvent, not recycled solvent.  Your wedding dress should not smell like solvent…and once the box is closed and sealed, you won’t even know if it does have a solvent odor.

Should a good dry cleaner want to educate their customers about seasonal cleaning for their linens, furniture upholstery, and seasonal clothing?  Courtesy Cleaners can also advise you on how to store your clothes so they’re fresh when you take them out of storage to wear.   A great way to refresh your clothing, bed linens, pillows and draperies is to bring them into Courtesy Cleaners for a “spring cleaning.”

Question?  How important is good customer service to your dry cleaner? On your first visit to Courtesy Cleaners make a note – is the staff friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful?  Do they write down your special requests and is the counter area clean? 

You don’t want your clean clothes passing over a dirty counter top.

Question?  Does your dry cleaner clean area rugs and Oriental rugs?  Do they inform you that stains such as coffee, tea, and cola cannot be totally removed? When something happens to your heirloom rugs, do you bring them into the dry cleaner immediately? 

Educating our consumers helps us so much, because they know what to do in case of a dry cleaning emergency and are happy to know they can call about any dry cleaning issue and get excellent responses.

The family of Courtesy Dry Cleaners, which includes Value Cleaners and Oasis Cleaners, wants you to feel confident about letting them have the privilege to clean, press, and refresh your clothes from season to season.

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