Frequently asked questions

When choosing your dry cleaner, keep the following information in mind. Consider the service and feel welcome to contact Courtesy Dry Cleaners with any further questions you may have.

1Your Dry Cleaner: What is their loss or damage policy? Will they replace or give you the depreciated value for your garment? Do they follow the guidelines provided by the International Fabricare’s Institute’s Fair Claims Guide?

Always choose a cleaner with a great replacement policy.

2Do they make their prices clear? Do they try the old “bait and switch” trick, and if so, what does this say about the integrity of the cleaner?
3How long have they been in business under their current name?
4What level of training does the staff have?
5Do they try and educate you about care labels and how to read them?
6Can the dry cleaner provide quality preservation service for your wedding gown? Does the cleaner do the work themselves?
7How important is good customer service to your dry cleaner? On your first visit to Courtesy Cleaners make a note – is the staff friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful? Do they write down your special requests and is the counter area clean?
8Does your dry cleaner clean area rugs and Oriental rugs? Do they inform you that stains such as coffee, tea, and cola cannot be totally removed? When something happens to your heirloom rugs, do you bring them into the dry cleaner immediately?
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